The Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

The Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club was established in 1993. We are comprised of Ridgeback fanciers who want to share their love of the breed with others. We are a casual and friendly group. Some of us show our dogs in conformation, obedience, or performance events such as lure coursing and agility. Some of us simply share our lives with Ridgebacks.

We conduct several events throughout the year including our annual picnic in August and holiday party in January. Our purpose is to educate and mentor new owners, encourage interactive activities with our Ridgebacks, and promote camaraderie and good sportsmanship. We endorse responsible breeding and support rescue endeavors.

Denise teaching ridge.jpg

President: Deb Cooper (Firestone)
Vice President: Linda Cannon (Elbert)
Secretary: Tawny Peyton
Treasurer: Monnie Beatty (Golden)
Corresponding Secretary: Lynn Miller (Aurora)

Board Members-at-Large:
Lin Hainlen
Richard Gildersleeve


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